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Dirt Works seeks to facilitate urban composting by collecting and transporting food refuse, improving the sustainability and efficiency of cities. We take something people think of as trash—food refuse—and we help compost it, turning it into a valuable resource: nutrient-rich soil.

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At Dirt Works, we believe that positive change can happen with whatever resources are at hand—anything works, and sometimes, even dirt works.

Dirt Works is a way to transform today's cities, turning problems into solutions: the collection and composting of food refuse can create jobs where they are needed, divert organic refuse from entering city waste management systems, and produce a source of revenue to support the process.

We are pleased to share that the Dirt Works team has won the 10th annual SmartPitch Challenge, an entrepreneurial competition sponsored by IBM, Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Baruch College, the Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator, and the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise. We know that a project like this requires a strong network of people with a variety of skills and a common vision. If Dirt Works sounds like an interesting initiative to you, we invite you to get involved.

This project was initiated by Eathan Janney, currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience in the Biology Department of the City University of New York. Emily Osgood, from Compost for Brooklyn, is finishing a Master's in Urban Planning from NYU. Read more about the Dirt Works team.