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Dirt Works seeks to facilitate urban composting by collecting and transporting food refuse, improving the sustainability and efficiency of cities. We take something people think of as trash—food refuse—and we help compost it, turning it into a valuable resource: nutrient-rich soil.

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The Dirt Works Team

Eathan Janney - Founder and Executive Director

Upon graduation from Rutgers University in 2002, Eathan launched the piano maintenance business he still runs today. Several years ago he began fixating on the problem of throwing food away as trash, and became determined to apply his entrepreneurial drive to find a solution. Now pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at CUNY, Eathan has an acute awareness of and appreciation for the biological processes that fill our daily experiences. A voracious curiosity keeps him seeking answers for the questions that seem unanswerable. Although he lives in a large apartment building, he keeps a green box of red wrigglers on the balcony who enjoy his leftover food scraps.

Emily Osgood - Director of Operations

Emily grew up in Putney, Vermont (population 2,500), where the compost bucket by the kitchen sink was as much of a fixture in the kitchen as the sink itself. She received her Bachelor's in English from Harvard University in 2005, then worked for a web experience design firm in midtown, NYC, for several years before returning to get her Master's degree in Urban Planning from the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU. She currently lives in Harlem, works as a research assistant at NYU's Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, and manages communications at Compost for Brooklyn. When she is not composting, researching, and communicating, Emily is usually headed out for a run or bike ride in Central Park and counting down the days until it snows.